You and Me

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 

You and me, two mismatched pieces of a puzzle,

Moulded the same, but never melding,

The furtive glances in the back of the bus,

The secret smiles devised, the lyrics of songs exchanged,

On yellowed notepaper, fading like the petals of a customary rose

Pressed firmly in my worn notebook, decaying and rotting,

Laughing together as we steal the neighbour’s tamarinds,

Laughing so hard that we both cry until sobriety digs its claws in us,

Bringing us back from the land of a million dreams,

Running with abandon in fields, holding the strings of sun kissed kites,

They fly with abandon, jerky and wayward, but free, like our future,

The future I hope for in the darkest hour of the night,

when I lay on my back, caressing the contours of your face in my mind,

When the stark clarity of day is still a few hours away,

You hold me, you nurse the bruise on my arm when I fall down in the mud,

My skin burns with the fire of your touch, branding it with your name,

You and me, two shards of broken glass, jagged,

Destructive to anyone else but us, drawing blood,

Raw and powerful, the force that ties us in this bond,

The bond borne of habit, like the habit of breathing,

In and out, you give me life like the air in my lungs,

You and me, not the same, two pieces of land demarcated,

An invisible line sharper than barbed wires, defining us,

You and me, not the same, can’t you see?

The whispers of our people, when they see us together,

A label of infamy, malignant but righteous, they know,

We are the two seas that come together but never merge,

This is the decree, the punishment of our birth,

You and me, two bodies and two souls, separate but drawn together,

Like a magnetic force, they will never learn, we are not meant for their world,

Our world is hidden from theirs with an invisible veil,

There is a fire within us they cannot see, they cannot tame,

They will see, when one day you and me, will no longer be separated by an and.

3 thoughts on “You and Me

  1. Excellent ! You have portrayed the sensitive emotions, too delicate and too fragile to be given heavy words in simple, soulful feelings which just emerge from the lines , floats across and engulfs the reader with a tender sadness .


  2. A poignant portrait of two connected people divided by things like race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, and that despite this love has no boundaries and endures even if the lovers cannot be united.


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