Can you see us now?

In markets, in schools, in offices, in streets

In homes, in bedrooms, in safe havens

The fabled beasts roam free

They aren’t real -they bear no name, no shame,

We’re real -we cry, we bleed, we bear this sin,

Our dignity is splashed like blood on canvas

Our feelings torched so hell can stoke it’s fire

These beasts prey at night, at day,

They eat our flesh until bloodied and raw

They proceed to the eat chunks from our soul

So that it can never be whole again

Can you see our tears, can you see our haunted eyes?

Can you see our shaking, terrified hearts and limbs?

Can you see what they do to us?

Can you finally see us now?

Even then you expect us to smile, to dress up, to simper for you?

To be the best wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter to you?

To bear this burden, this fear, all alone?

To never let it show, to never let it out?

Can you finally see what we go through in our lives?

And even now you won’t protect us?

Even now you won’t speak for us?

Even now you won’t stand up for us?

Image by Alexandra Haynak from Pixabay 

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