What my ideal day would look like…

I would be seated in a corner seat by a well-lit bay window. I would have my legs up, my back propped up with the softest down cushions, my hair pulled up my nape in soft tendrils and an airbrushed foundation on my glowing face. The temperature of this seating area would neither be too hot nor too cold, like goldilocks’ stolen porridge, but I would still have a cashmere blanket wrapped around me. Now, this window should have enough light flooding in but it shouldn’t have a breathtaking view as that would distract me from my primary activity. I would be holding a cup of steaming frothy coffee that refills magically and reading a great book.

I wouldn’t be disturbed, even for a millisecond, by my rambunctious toddler. My obliging husband would benignly take complete responsibility of our precious darling. When a sliver of worry would mark my smooth brow, he would flick a curl off his broad manly forehead and tell me I needn’t worry about petty issues like his showing up to office and earning the monthly wage. Eternal questions such as what’s to be cooked would earn a scoff from me, as the many cute animals hiding in crevices in my house would scamper out and take care of it a la Cinderella’s merry band of helpers (rats, birds, squirrels, etc). They would also take care of the cleaning and washing up. Being animals they would obviously be perfectionists. Before you raise a sceptical eyebrow, might I remind you that in the wild we have no vaccinations. Either they make it alive or they’re dead, hence survival of the fittest. Being the fit lot they are, and also magical, they would do a swell job at my domestic chores.

Hot delicious food will float towards me on a gilded ornate trolley in a timely manner. It doesn’t matter who would be pushing it as I wouldn’t take my eyes off my book long enough to notice. It could either be the magical creatures, my husband or my toddler. Since I would be so tired at the end of the day, top-notch salon staff would surround me fussing over my nails, hair and sore muscles. They would massage, mask, primp and scrape away the intense fatigue a day of reading has brought on. They would then run a scented bubbly bath and I would sink into it, to read some more. This time, a passionate romance (no, not erotica). Got to give those grey cells some reprieve. I would float from my bath to my bed on faux fur slippers. Just before switching off the night lamp, in my spacious bed which would be free of both husband and toddler, I’d be about about to check in on my daily social media feed but last-minute good sense would prevail. I would toss my phone aside and drift off into a dream of adventure, strife, fighting evil forces ….yawn.

Image from google: Not my credit.

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